Age Groups

Age group BOYS

U10 - boys born in 2009 – 2010

U12 - boys born in 2007 – 2008

U14 - boys born in 2005 – 2006

U16 - boys born in 2003 – 2004

U18 - boys born in 2001 - 2002

Age group GIRLS

U10 - girls born in 2009 – 2010

U12 - girls born in 2007 – 2008

U14 - girls born in 2005 – 2006

U16 - girls born in 2003 – 2004

INTERSPORT Youth Basketball Festival - 2019

We are pleased to inform you that we organizing the 7th INTERSPORT Youth Basketball Festival from 4-10 July, 2019. INTERSPORT Youth Basketball Festival is one of the largest European youth tournaments in basketball. The event is going to be held in Hungary in the city of Kaposvár. As many European youth tournaments in basketball, this European youth basketball tournament is a really great opportunity for young basketball players to show their talents and skills, and also have a great time in Hungary. Hungary is one of the most beautiful countries in Central Europe with georgeous landscapes and historical sights. Our European youth basketball tournament in the last 6 years has grown to be one of the best world youth basketball tournaments. Countries such as Brazil, India, Egypt have participated along with many countries. Our international youth basketball tournament offers maximum joy, fun, and great games for all participants of this international youth basketball tournament. Welcomed basketball teams of boys U10, U12, U14, U16, U18 and girls in U10, U12, U14, and U16 age groups.

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