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Kaposvár is a city in the Southwestern part of Hungary, South from Lake Balaton. It is one of the leading cities of South-Transdanubia and it is the capital of Somogy County.

Today Kaposvár - with its university, education system, and thousands of students - is a real school city. With the well-kept plazas, streets, colourful flowerbeds it is the city of flowers. With its rippling wells it is the city of waterworks. With its lively cultural life, rich art programmes it is the city of festivals and the city of painters. With its wonderfully reborn downtown with the feeling of peaceful, Mediterranean atmosphere, the chief town of the county has become a real European city. Sport plays a big part of the city’s life since there are several possiblities for sport activitites for those who live or visit the city. The most popular sports in the city are soccer, volleyball and basketball.

Festival Village

The „heart of INTERSPORT Youth Basketball Festival” is the Festival Village. It is located at the city centre of Kaposvár during the entire event. Here you can find the Coaches’Cafe, Information, YBF Office, entertainment ice cream kiosk, team photo possiblities, YBF Shop, games, cultural programs etc. Here you can view the results of all matches, meet other teams, and team leaders.


Virágfürdő is one of the largest spa and aqua park in south-west Hungary.

Tailgate-blowers, water umbrella, neck showers, geyser, kamikaze slide, family slide, anaconda, cave slides, cave waterfall, water curtain, lazy river, water mushroom are waiting for the visitors.

The spa area also includes foot tennis, volleyball and soccer field, playground and trampoline.

Lake Balaton

Lake Balaton and its surroundings are the most popular holiday resort in Hungary. They draw thousands of tourists every year, providing European-class services. Seaside recreation, historical monuments, beautiful natural, great excursion opportunities are just a few of the many activities the “Hungarian Sea” provides. Sailing and swimming attractions, famous balls and programs attract thousands to the areas surrounding the lake.

Lake Deseda

Lake Deseda is Hungary's longest artificial lake, which located North from Kaposvár.

The lake is surrounded with forests and fields, which provide a pleasant environment for visitors and tourists. Lake Deseda is entirely surrounded by a variety of hiking trails which are passable by bicycle too.

The visitors may enjoy the beautiful panorama from a look-out tower next to the lake.

INTERSPORT Youth Basketball Festival - 2019

We are pleased to inform you that we organizing the 7th INTERSPORT Youth Basketball Festival from 4-10 July, 2019. INTERSPORT Youth Basketball Festival is one of the largest European youth tournaments in basketball. The event is going to be held in Hungary in the city of Kaposvár. As many European youth tournaments in basketball, this European youth basketball tournament is a really great opportunity for young basketball players to show their talents and skills, and also have a great time in Hungary. Hungary is one of the most beautiful countries in Central Europe with georgeous landscapes and historical sights. Our European youth basketball tournament in the last 6 years has grown to be one of the best world youth basketball tournaments. Countries such as Brazil, India, Egypt have participated along with many countries. Our international youth basketball tournament offers maximum joy, fun, and great games for all participants of this international youth basketball tournament. Welcomed basketball teams of boys U10, U12, U14, U16, U18 and girls in U10, U12, U14, and U16 age groups.

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